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  • Benefiting from Mixed-Mode Ventilation with Operable Skylights, Windows, and Doors

    Designers, building users, and managers are increasingly focused on building and occupant health as well as energy conservation. This course explores how mixed-mode (hybrid) ventilation systems address all these issues by improving the ratio of fresh air introduced into buildings while reducing energy needs and costs. It describes the benefits, elements, and workings of these systems and provides design guidance and illustrative case studies.

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  • Intelligent Daylight Design for Glazing Systems

    People spend more than 90% of their time indoors; incorporating sunrooms, conservatories, greenhouses, and/or other glass structures into homes or workplaces can be an effective way to reap the benefits of daylight. The positive impacts of incorporating more natural light into your lifestyle can be seen through energy savings, increase of productivity, and improvement of overall well-being. This presentation reviews strategies and design options to create unique overhead structures, standing structures, and vertical glazing systems that are energy efficient, comfortable, and functional.

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  • Operable Walls for Sustainable Design

    Operable wall systems integrate the indoors and outdoors and define interior spaces, providing flexibility and additional usable area without increasing a building’s footprint. Occupants benefit from expansive daylighting and views as well as quick access to fresh air. This course describes the types of operable wall systems, how they contribute to sustainable design, and the various options and considerations for selecting the correct system.

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  • Planning & Designing a Greenhouse Structure

    Greenhouses are used in an array of applications from residential to commercial, institutional, or educational. This course describes the glazing options, accessories, environmental controls, and planning considerations that contribute to a successful greenhouse. Also presented are the configuration options and decorative details that make each greenhouse unique and ideally suited for its purpose.

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